I installed Xubuntu 14.4 LTS dual boot with Windows 7. My hard disk is an SSD disk (where both xubuntu 14.4 and win7 are installed - in a different partition). I first installed Windows 7 and then I installed xubuntu. Xubuntu loads without errors/warnings. But when I try to choose Windows 7 from the grub I get the following warning/error:

setting partition type to 0x7
failing writing sector 0x0 to 'hd0'

Then asks to "press any key" and after a while Windows 7 boots without a problem. Why I have this warning/error? I tried to $ sudo update-grub inside xubuntu without any success.

update: this is my fstab and grub.cfg http://pastebin.com/vpbhLQLw


I found the solution for the above problem. My bios had a setting for "Fixed disk boot sector" and it was set at "Write Protect". I changed the option to "Normal" and the warning/error message disappeared!

Bios settings for boot sector

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