I am not sure weather it's possible or not. I am looking for a script/command that will execute a command or run a scripts when I will add a file in a folder.

For instance:

I am practicing bash scripting. After writing a bash script, I have to make my script file to a executable using this command chmod +x filename.sh . All my scripts has stored in a folder named BASH . So, when I add a new .sh file in that folder, I want a command/script to run which will make my .sh file executable.

How to do it?

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    You could do it with a cron job, checking for new files every minute, but then there could be a delay of (max) a minute. – Jacob Vlijm May 5 '14 at 6:22

You can use inotifywait. To apply chmod +x to every file written in directory BASH, keep the following script running:

inotifywait -m "$dir" -e close_write --format '%w%f' |
    while IFS=' ' read -r fname
        [ -f "$fname" ] && chmod +x "$fname"

If you are curious, you can see all that inotifywait can tell about what is happening in directory bash by running:

inotifywait -m BASH

For more information, see man inotifywait.

To use inotifywait, you may first need to install inotify-tools: run apt-get install inotify-tools.

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  • Thanks @John , How can make inotify script running. I have already created the script in my working folder. Do i need to run it using ./inotifyscript.sh this way? – Ibrahim May 5 '14 at 7:55
  • Yes. You can keep it running in one shell/terminal while you create files in other shells/terminals. When you get the script adjusted to your satisfaction, you can run it in the background. – John1024 May 5 '14 at 8:02
  • Yes, I got it and working great! Thanks again @John – Ibrahim May 5 '14 at 8:03

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