I have been running Lubuntu 13.10 on a netbook with a French keyboard, with the default language set to English. When I upgraded to 12.04, the default keyboard layout changed to US.

At the login screen, the keyboard layout must still be French as I have to type in the password as if the keyboard were French. When I log into the guest session, the panel indicator shows the US layout but quickly switches to French before I can type anything. However, when I log into my own session, the keyboard remains US.

I have used lxkeymap to set the keyboard layout to French, but the change isn't permanent. Now, when I start lxkeymap the layout immediately switches to French. I have tried the solutions suggested here but none of them make the change permanent. How can I permanently set the default layout to French?

  • Since you used the word upgrade, would it be correct to assume that your current Lubuntu version is 14.04? – Rex May 4 '14 at 23:55

You can make adjustments to your keyboard layout by right clicking the flag or code in the LXPanel. Choose Keyboard layout handler settings. If you prefer the command line, see


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