In our lab, NFS server has been setup. This server has home directories of all users. Quota is enabled for all users.

root@server:/users/labuser# du -sh
69M        .

root@lab-01:~# quota -su labuser
Disk quotas for user labuser (uid 52022):
     Filesystem  blocks   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit  grace
10.x.y.z:/users   301M*   196M    200M    none    1903       0       0

'du -sh' shows 69MB whereas quota shows 301M. User is getting "disk quota exceeded" error. He is unable to create/save any file/directory.

What could be the problem?


He has more files in some other directory, or your quota file has become out of sync. If you can't find files he owns elsewhere, then rebuild the quota file with quotacheck.

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