Hi all i was asked to find the terminal command that will make a copy of a file lets call it program3.cpp and give to the copy the name homework6.cpp. After that you will have two files with different names, but identical contents.

I know how to copy the file but i cant figure out how to create a second identical file with a different name. All help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    I love the irony of renaming program to homework on SE Oct 30, 2019 at 3:51

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Copy and rename in the same time (also change filename, not only path):

cp program3.cpp homework6.cpp

Rename only:

mv program3.cpp homework6.cpp
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    Ah... I hate cp only supports "copy and rename" in the same dir; when you copy to another location, the destination can only be a dir, not the target file name.. and you must cp first and then mv.
    – WesternGun
    Jun 16, 2019 at 9:04
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    @WesternGun That's not true. cp /opt/MyFile /tmp/MyNewNamedFile What you CAN'T do is to copy a file from another location to your current location and rename it at the same time here (.) . (As far as I know)
    – DimiDak
    Jun 14, 2021 at 20:30
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    @DimiDak sure you can: cp ~/make/makefiles/rails_makefile ./Makefile renames the file rails_makefile to Makefile in the current directory :) (well, at least on macOS it does, maybe linux is different?)
    – stevec
    Jan 30, 2022 at 0:48
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    @stevec Yeap, that worked :)
    – DimiDak
    Jan 30, 2022 at 9:30

If you want to have the files permanently linked use the ln command instead of cp

ln program3.cpp homework6.cpp

This puts a file descriptor (hard link) under the name homework6.cpp to the same file location as program3.cpp

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