I am trying to install the drivers for a wireless PCIe card on my brother's Ubuntu 14.04 LTS partition (the other partition runs Windows Vista, where the card already works). We bought him this card since it advertised Linux compatibility right on the box, but so far we haven't been able to make it work.

The wireless connection does not show up in the upper-right corner, and from reading this Ubuntu Forums post it appears that we need to compile the driver ourselves. I shared my laptop's wireless connection via Ethernet with his desktop in order to download the driver source and install build-essential.

Unfortunately, the post seems to indicate that this works for 12.04 LTS, but it's not working for us on 14.04 LTS. When we run make, we seem to get errors, which I redirected to a text file and posted here. If anybody has any ideas on what we need to do to get wireless Internet working on my brother's desktop without having to boot Vista instead, it would be much appreciated.


Ok, to fix this go to /include/os/ and open rt_linux.h

Replace line 281:

int             fsuid;


kuid_t              fsuid;

Replace line 282:

int             fsgid;


kgid_t              fsgid;

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