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I read the previous answers to this question, and tried to follow, but it does not work. I wanted to add Chromium and Skype to the Startup Applications, but I can't find out what command I should write in there. I tried the other suggested method: right-clicked on the icon in the Launcher, but there is no item called "Add to the Startup" in the pop-up menu. I am new to Linux and Ubuntu, sorry if there is an obvious answer, please help. Thanks Peter

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Press Super(Win)Key and type Startup applications:

Click Add.

Click Add.

This was for Chromium Browser. Now, for Skype,

Name : Skype

Command : skype --pipelogin

Then Click Add.

You can manually add scripts or command in desktop files [Desktop Entry] and put them in ~/.config/autostart/blah.desktop

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