I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 and want to copy music to/on my iPhone 3gs. I already installed the actual mobile device, but neither Rhythmbox nor gmusicbrowser show my phone. Only on Gigolo I can see it, and transfer data, but the music I copy is not working on my phone.

On Amarok I get at least this information:

termined mount-point path to /tmp/kde-cafer/amarok/imobiledevice_uuid_882ba1378fe4eb76e98ad6582dcad031c2247664
calling `ifuse "-u" "882ba1378fe4eb76e98ad6582dcad031c2247664" "-ofsname=afc://882ba1378fe4eb76e98ad6582dcad031c2247664" "/tmp/kde-cafer/amarok/imobiledevice_uuid_882ba1378fe4eb76e98ad6582dcad031c2247664"` with timeout of 10s
command failed to start within timeout
Failed to mount iPhone on /tmp/kde-cafer/amarok/imobiledevice_uuid_882ba1378fe4eb76e98ad6582dcad031c2247664

Does anyone have an idea? Thanks


Apple saves music files using a proprietary hash. Rhythmbox used to support this but Apple changed the hash a little while ago and I found while I could transfer the music files to my i device - the device would not play them.

I could not find a solution to the re-hashed files.

I had to revert to the abomination that is iTunes.

  • i also tried with banshee, it seems to work at first, music is copying and transfering, but when i look at my phone, there is no datatransfer. do i understand you right, that i have to sync it with i tunes on an other PC/Mac? thanks Dave – user276842 May 2 '14 at 13:16
  • Unfortunately that is what it looks like unless someone can reverse engineer Apple's hash. I think Rythmbox worked up until iPod version 4 or so then the hash changed. – Dave A May 4 '14 at 23:27

The way I add music to my iPhone 5 is through EZMP3 EZMP3 Player on the App Store on iTunes I end up dragging the songs I want on the phone from my mp3 directory on the computer, but they get there and play.


It's only possible with a VM on Virtualbox or VMware. It's a shame that iTunes only supports Mac and Window$.

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