I had installed the Xpad package on Ubuntu 13.10 and had taken a few notes in it. I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 and have taken the backup of the entire home folder. At which location is the content of the Xpad stored on the disk? If it is somewhere in the home folder, maybe I could retrieve it. Thanks.


Your notes are saved in ~/.config/xpad folder.

Open up nautilus (files) and head to that folder, your notes are in files named content-****** where * are unique random characters.

Opening one in a text editor will display your notes for that pad.

See screenshot below:

enter image description here


Xpad stores its notes on ~/.config/xpad.


After restoring your Home folder, open a new Note. Now, right click on the new Note, then click on Notes > Show All. It should retrieve all of your Notes.

  • Awesome. worked for me – Arshad Dec 21 '16 at 16:59

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