I am following this tutorial, which is actually the Vundle's homepage in github and in step 3 it's telling me to put some code into .vimrc:

"Put this at the top of your .vimrc to use Vundle. Remove plugins you don't need, they are for illustration purposes."

However, I don't have .vimrc file and from the research I have done people said it shouldn't be necessarily there to start with. So I created this file in /usr/share/vim and put the code it needed in it.

In this level I might be doing something wrong cuz I can't proceed to level 4 and run the :PluginInstall inside vim.

I would like to know where did I do the wrong step.


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I have managed to fix this problem asking a friend who uses Vundle already.

All I did was to move the .vimrc file that I have prepared to my home directory then it'll be


and Now it's all working.

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