In Ubuntu 14.04, We know all Web apps run in ubuntu-made browser instead of firefox. I would like Gmail and some other services Webapps (in the ubuntu made browser) to launch in the startup. To do this, I need terminal command line to launch web app. I tried, gmail,Gmail, unity-webapps-Gmail,webapps-Gmail. Nothing I tried works. I request someone to help me.

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You can start Ubuntu Web Browser by

$ webbrowser-app <address>
$ webbrowser-app https://mail.google.com

Press Super (Windows key) type Startup Application. enter image description here

  1. Click Add.
  2. Enter whatever you want to run at startup. For eg unity-webapps-gmail (replace firefox).
  3. Click Add & Close
  4. Next time you login it will launch gmail (or whatever you entered) automatically for you.

All unity apps. See this.

For other services, you need to enter your service address. Replace (field 2) with webbrowser-app http://mail.google.com (or any other) for Unity Web Browser to launch with.

Happy to help.

  • Thanks far_sight, I got the terminal command to launch web apps. As about the 'unity-webapps-gmail' command, I have mentioned in my question, it is not working. I tried it again. It is not working as terminal command nor as startup command. All unity-webapps-... commands are not working for me.
    – Sai Ram
    May 1, 2014 at 18:27
  • Try using the browser command I have specified above. $ webbrowser-app https://mail.google.com.
    – xyz
    May 1, 2014 at 21:17
  • Thanks far_sight, it is working fine as startup command.
    – Sai Ram
    May 6, 2014 at 14:48

Locate the .desktop file that is used to launch the web app

Usually present at .local/share/applications in Home directory

Copy the exec command and run it in the terminal (check for the name property in the file to make sure that it corresponds to the app you are looking for).

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I think it's worth to consider that also, the an application named 'WebApps' which is under Mint repository will do more than you need. I have installed it in Ubuntu 20.04 and it works like a charm, any web browser you have installed in your system with isolated container option, sweet.

I wanted to add a web app in to Startup Applications list, it required path of the executable binary then I realized that all the web apps that I created are in ~/.local/share/applications.

  • Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! It would be helpful if you included details on how to install WebApps. Thanks!
    – anonymous2
    Nov 26 at 13:53

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