I am getting near-constant screen tearing when watching videos on my Ideapad Y400, with Nvidia GT 650M graphics (not the SLI model).

I am using the proprietary 337 drivers from xorg-edgers, but the same effects happened with 304 (and 313, I think). I use Ubuntu 13.10 and i3wm.

Enabling and disabling OpenGL Vsync in nvidia-settings makes no difference. I don't see any other relevant options. I have tried both VLC and the built-in "videos" application, and both suffer screen tearing. The tearing does not occur when I run Windows. I have not tried another monitor, as I can't get hdmi-out to work (I haven't tried VGA).

Do y'all have any ideas?

Note: As I have swapped among various versions of Noveau and proprietary drivers, the tty's have changed appearance a bit. At the moment, they appear to be correct except for two vertical lines of slight blurriness -- 2px off from the right horizontal resolution?

  • Just my two cents: From what I've read Vsync doesn't actually exist in X11. Therefore, Vsync/sync to vblank doesn't really do anything. I have the same issue sometimes, but it's most noticeable when I'm running on my OpenBox desktop that I use for certain tasks. This happens even with a compositor no matter which one I've tried using. So, it's probably a problem we'll have to deal with until NVIDIA finds a way to fix it or X11 adds true vsync support -- if ever. – Chuck R Apr 30 '14 at 5:53

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