All of a sudden, when I log in to Ubuntu 14.04, I have no top menu bar, no launcher, no dash, only my desktop. Shortcuts like alt-F2 don't work either. Logging in as guest works worked fine.

At first I tried the ubuntu-tweak-tool tips laid out here, and ran unity-tweak-tool --reset-unity. The only effect, though was that Unity stopped working for all accounts! I also tried the compizconfig-settings-manager mentioned in many threads, with no effect.

I also tried reinstalling ubuntu-deskop and unity.

Don't know if it's relevant, but if I log in as guest, do ctrl-alt-F1 to open a terminal, log in as my user, run `startx' to open another gui session, and then try starting Unity from the terminal, it says “Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE”.

Also, ~/.xsession-errors has a lot of error like this:

 AccountsService-WARNING **: SetInputSources call failed: GDBus.Error: org.freedesktop.Accounts,Error.PermissionDenied: Not Authorized

What else can I do to troubleshoot?

The following workaround will give most of Unity (not the top menu bar) back around 50 % of the times, but only for the current session: Switch to terminal, and then

export DISPLAY=:0
unity-tweak-tool --reset-unity
  • possible duplicate of Unity doesn't load, no Launcher, no Dash appears – karel Apr 29 '14 at 12:22
  • Well, the issue is the same, but I have tried every single solution mentioned in any of the answers, that is still relevant for 14.04. Don't know if that makes it ok to start a new, 14.04 question? – leo Apr 29 '14 at 12:48
  • Yes, it's OK to start a new question in case there is anything that has changed in Ubuntu 14.04 that is why all the answers to the linked question did not work. – karel Apr 29 '14 at 14:02

Turns out the solution was to purge and reinstall fglrx*, where obviously some setting had gone wrong:

sudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx*
sudo apt-get install fglrx
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    Note: This is only applicable to AMD Radeon. – Nicolas Raoul Mar 18 '16 at 7:21

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