Using the get command from the terminal in ftp mode, I can download a single file. Which command should I use in order to download a complete folder containing many files in ftp mode?

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    There is a video here showing you how. – Warren Hill Apr 29 '14 at 11:13


To copy multiple files from the remote machine to the local machine; You are prompted for a y/n answer before transferring each file

And if you type prompt first as a command it will not ask for y/n each file.

Something like this:

mget *

For this action I use lftp.

sudo apt-get install lftp

Make ftp connection

lftp -u username server_ip_address

You will be asked for password. After login to server you can ls or dir to see folder/files

To get folder with all subfolder and files

mirror folder_name

All will be on you PC.

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