When I start my iMac I get the apple logo and the swirling gear then it freezes in this position. I have tried

  1. Command-R during startup---it can't find recovery partition
  2. Press Shift during startup - nothing happens
  3. Press D during startup
  4. It cannot find a "bootable cache"

I have "heard" that Ubuntu can be used to at least start the Mac and maybe it will load programs from the mac to correct my startup problem

I need to know which version of Ubuntu I should use for a bootable DVD or USB stick and what kind of format does Ubuntu have to be in…. Ie. Iso, or what.


Highly dependent on the version of hardware. Is it 32 or 64 bit hardware? 32-Bit EFI? Many things need to be added to a proper question for a thorough answer.

Long answer cut short: The standard 14.04LTS Ubuntu AMD-64 image should work. If not, try the 14.04LTS Ubuntu AMD-64 for Mac if the first doesn't work.

Ideally, burn the .ISO to a DVD or CD. You can put the install bits on a USB device if you have the wherewithall (www.PenDriveLinux.com has good utils and help for doing this via Windows. dd is your friend when doing it within Linux.)

For more specific answers, more detailed information is needed.

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