I am using ubuntu 12.04 and I made an upgrade last time and asked me to reboot the laptop. after restarting the laptop, I realized that my keyboard is not working at all [I am currently typing from on screen keyboard].

I tried to do sudo update and also sudo upgrade. Moreover, I tried to log in as guest to see if the keyboard is working; however, it is still not working.

is there solution to make the keyboard work again as it was before. thank you


I've a dell xps 15z laptop and faced the same problem (with 12.04, I didn't do fresh install of 14.04). The recipe is found on ubuntu hardware web-site -- You could try this recipe, or search for You hardware on this web-site.

So keyboard didn't work. I opened

  • vitual keyboard
  • konsole

Then typed in konsole:

sudo kate /etc/default/grub

in there I had to change the following line



GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="acpi=noirq quiet splash"

saved it, and run

sudo update-grub

On reboot keyboard worked.

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  • This worked for me after my Apple keyboard just stopped working suddenly on specific ports. Reboot was essential. I am on 16.04. – Anriëtte Myburgh May 4 '17 at 11:19

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