I have a lot of stuff on Ubuntu One and I want to download it before the services close down. Unfortunately I cannot find the Ubuntu One client for Mac. There is nothing on the official site as Ubuntu One for Mac

Did they remove it when they announced the shut down of Ubuntu One? Where can I get it downloaded?

  • This is not a direct answer to your query, but as per the help docs: "… [the Ubuntu One team] are also planning to add the ability to download all your content in a .zip file." If you need to download all your files, that will be a good alternative to the platform specific clients. Apr 27 '14 at 19:44

As per the official site Ubuntu One will be discontinued effective from June 1st, 2014. You may need to back-up your files which are already lying under the cloud as soon as possible.

Nevertherless, if you've gone through the Ubuntu One help FAQ's properly, you can see Where do I get Ubuntu One for Mac? under U1 for Mac which gives you the client to be downloaded.

In case, if you're a premium user I'd strongly recommend you to go through their FAQ's to get a proper understanding on certain scenarios that you're stuck with.

Hope it helps! :)


Try to get it on an alternate site, e.g. here to get your files.

Maybe you also want to contact the Ubuntu One Team to get support for your request.


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