My home directory is encrypted and I want to remove the encryption. I have performed the following actions and the problem occurs at step 4:

  1. Backed up (encrypted) home folder to /var/backup using sbackup utility
  2. Deleted home folder: $ rm -rf /home/michael
  3. Removed packages: $ apt-get remove ecryptfs-utils libecryptfs0
  4. Boot Natty Narwhal to root shell and restore home directory

When attempting extract the backup tarball, the following error is returned:

$ sudo tar xf files.tar

tar: home/.ecryptfs/michael/.Private/ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FWZdI4ZeDbIPc-QG6GsHgtjGSc5ns3EFhATgHkOpWaANk8HckMCC2VA1Ak--/ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FWZdI4ZeDbIPc-QG6GsHgtjGSc5ns3EFhATg1ab7dVYDmjv48RAB0zaKb---/ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FWZdI4ZeDbIPc-QG6GsHgtjGSc5ns3EFhATgJ3T3MqBAxoNpmnpplaft5U--/ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FWZdI4ZeDbIPc-QG6GsHgtjGSc5ns3EFhATg2Go7nLmgf-x2EH31fsA9UU--/ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FWZdI4ZeDbIPc-QG6GsHgtjGSc5ns3EFhATgv.heQDWdQZf9WXV2gJKTSE--/ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FWZdI4ZeDbIPc-QG6GsHgtjGSc5ns3EFhATg775dUZ66CvwfX9jvQ55LpE--: implausibly old time stamp 1970-01-01 00:00:00

This isn't what I had in mind. How can I resolve this problem?

Thank you.


I see 1 flaw in your strategy:

You use sbackup to create a backup and tar to restore it. That does not make sense to me. Either you create and restore with tar or you create with sbackup and restore with srestore.

There is a GUI for restoring your files that you made with sbackup. If you need command line (due to removing /home)

sudo srestore.py {backupfile} /home/$USER

(this will restore from {backupfile} the files from /home/$USER to /home/$USER; if you want it somewhere else you can add a 2nd directory as adestination).

This might also solve your date problem: srestore probably uses tar but another (older) version of tar that you have installed.

  • Thanks for your help. With hindsight, I will use sbackup/srestore next time.
    – unpossible
    Jun 2 '11 at 16:48

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