As Stated in the title, I want to start a new terminal from (say) Terminal-1. The new Terminal will execute a command (Say, start JBoss). And after starting JBoss, there will be JBoss log in Terminal-2, so i dont want to stay there as I have some other tasks to do. I want the control back to Terminal-1, so I can execute other commands. I am running script.

Example scenario: Running a script where i need to: (1) Install JBoss (2) Start JBoss (3) Deploy a code in jboss as.

NOTE: Creating a new Terminal is not a problem. I can follow this. The problem is to come back to the primary terminal for executing further command.


You can simply do :

gnome-terminal -e jboss_command; exit;

That should close the new terminal as soon as the jboss_command finishes.

However, you almost certainly don't want that. There is no reason to open a new terminal. Just run your command in the background:

jboss_command &

If that creates output, run it like this:

jboss_command &>/dev/null &

The & at the end makes a command run in the background, allowing you to keep using the terminal. &>/dev/null redirects standard error and standard output to /dev/null, it basically discards any messages printed by the command. So, running your jboss command like this will enable you to keep working on the same terminal while the command is running.

  • "jboss_command &>/dev/null &" worked perfectly for me. Thanks a million. – user1951 Apr 25 '14 at 11:32

I like using 'screen' for this sort of work. You can install it with sudo apt-get install screen and use it like this:

  • Open new screen (terminal) with screen
  • Execute your command(s) in it
  • Detach it (temporarily exit) with 'ctrl+a' release keys and then press only 'd'
  • Optionally open another one and do some stuff there too, detach that one also
  • When you want to come back type screen -ls
  • And then reattach one you want with screen -r screen_name

man screen for more!

  • any alternatives to 'ctrl+a' ? I am thinking to run a script where i dont know how to use 'ctrl+a' unfortunately. – user1951 Apr 26 '14 at 11:59

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