I installed Ubuntu 13.10 in Virtual Box and everything went well until i upgraded it recently to Ubuntu 14.04. After the upgrade, it is not entering into full screen and if i try to install "Virtual box additions" inside Ubuntu, it is showing Unable to access "VBOXADDITIONS_4.3.10_93012" as in the screenshot attached,

enter image description here

I think VBOXADDITIONS got corrupted somehow. Please guide me experts.


Since you upgraded your VM, I'd suggest to update the Guest additions with the VM package manager in order to get their up-to-date versions.

Login first into your VM and open a Terminal to type:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms virtualbox-guest-utils virtualbox-guest-x11

Finally restart the VM to complete the installation.

Now you can safely detach the old guest additions ISO from your VM.

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