I have Ubuntu 14.04 and I have installed custom unity lenses, the pirate bay torrent lens for example, but they aren't appearing in the dash. I have logged out and back in, and I have rebooted the computer. I even did Alt-F2 and typed Unit --replace. Nothing seems to have gone wrong as I watched the install. They just don't show up. Is there something else I am supposed to do?


I've just installed the tpb lens. You can search with:

tpb:your search


torrent:your search

it doesn't add an icon at dash's bottom anymore. However, it's not finding anything for me :S (you can tell if it's been used displaying the Filters and making sure Torrent get highlighted)


I get the same problem: i make a search like "torrent:heart" and as I type the torrent lens filter gets highlighted looks like searching but after a moment the search stops and the filter goes off (as if i would have removed it myself)

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