I installed Ubuntu 13.10 to my desktop which has 1 GB main memory and AMD 64 bits CPU. It happens that the system freeze, applications not response sometimes and crashes a few times.

I just learn that 1 GB is minimum requirement for Ubuntu 64 bits. I just wonder if it is memory not enough that I better to increase to 2 GB to improve performance.

Your help and information is great appreciated,



  • Do you have the necessary graphics drivers for your system? Unity is very finicky about that for all it's animations. Otherwise it will freeze every few frames. – staticd Apr 24 '14 at 13:45
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    I think 1GB of RAM is too low to comfortably run any modern OS, let alone the Unity 3D desktop. I would upgrade the RAM to 2GB at least and consider using Lubuntu or Xubuntu. – Paul Tanzini Apr 24 '14 at 13:49
  1. The minimum for 64bit Ubuntu is 768 MB of RAM memory.
  2. Try increasing your swap memory.
  3. I think you can use 32bit version, it would be better.

And one more tip: use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.


If you have 1GB of RAM and 64-bit architecture, then I would suggest two things:

  1. Use a 32-bit version of Ubuntu
  2. Use either Xubuntu or Lubuntu. Whatever you do, with such hardware configuration stay away from the resource-hungry Unity.

And lastly, add a sufficient dose of swap. Anything above 2GB should work fine.

See also:


Couple points:

  • increase swap
  • use openbox or blackbox destktop environments as super-light-weight alternatives (my ram usage with it right now is around 700 MB , no flash running)
  • limit startup scripts, processes, etc.
  • Use a usb as RAM: refer here or here

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