Is it possible to set size of the window when running the program from terminal?

For example I want to open current directory in nautilus :

sylap@sylap:~/Desktop/omg/wtf/foo/bar nautilus .

But I want it to be opened with fixed size, ie, I want to do something like this :

sylap@sylap:~/Desktop/omg/wtf/foo/bar WINWIDTH=400 WINHEIGHT=500 nautilus .

The basic command option is to add (width x height) is “–geometry=WxH” option .

Here is the command you can try it and specify your own options :

First :

killall -9 nautilus

Then :

nautilus computer: --geometry=860x480
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    It does not work as expected if you already have a nautilus running (and it's always the case as gnome-session always starts a non-visible nautilus process by default). So a killall -9 nautilus is needed to use your command – Sylvain Pineau Apr 23 '14 at 11:39
  • you are right @Sylvain i will edit my answer , thank a lot – nux Apr 23 '14 at 11:49

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