I have scripted two python codes. one, to run on boot and to create a file locally in the same directory where the code is placed another one to sense a low to high signal in GPIO. I have placed the code at /etc/rc.local. I'm trying something like this.

sleep 1; python /home/ubuntu/Desktop/lcd.py &
sleep 1; python /home/ubuntu/Desktop/button.py
exit 0 

Both the codes , runs on boot and no issue with that. The problem I'm facing is that the first code " lcd.py" should create a local file and THE FILE HAS NOT BEEN CREATED. I have searched for the existence of file in both the /etc directory and the path of the python script. Can someone help me fix this problem?


Scripts in /etc/rc.local run in / afaik. You should change the working directory or provide an absolute path in your python script.

  • I could not get You as I'm new to linux. Can you please elaborate? – RLN Apr 22 '14 at 10:41
  • Every process has a working directory (pwd) it 'runs in'. If you do something like open("path/foobar", "w") in python it will interpret path/foobar relative to this working directory. Commands that are executed from /etc/rc.local are running in the root directory / so your file will end up in / if you do not specify an absolute path starting with / like /path/to/file. In a shell you can change the working directory with the cd command, in python with os.chdir(dirname). – Euro Apr 22 '14 at 11:00

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