I installed MATLAB in the home directory. Now when I try to launch it normally from the bin folder, it starts up and then gives an error that says:

Internal error: No write permission on directory /home/uname/.matlab/Rxxxxx/temp014c0x3... 

But it launches when I run it using sudo. So, I'm not sure what exactly is happening. This basically prevents me from using a launcher for it, as every time this error pops up. I don't want to run it as root.

Any pointers?


Just give a recursive write permission to .matlab directory,

sudo chmod -R 776 /home/uname/.matlab

Incase of directories, 776 -> drwxrwxrw-

Incase of files, 776 -> -rwxrwxrw-

  • works! this seems due to starting matlab with sudo, which makes your ~/.matlab owned by root. Afterwards, you can't start as your own user. – rfabbri Sep 14 '16 at 14:30

Try these commands:

sudo chown -R uname:uname /home/uname/.matlab/Rxxxxx/temp014c0x3
sudo chmod -R 700 /home/uname/.matlab/Rxxxxx/temp014c0x3

They should restore default permissions to the files.

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