The title says it all. How can I integrate Pidgin with the default "Online Accounts" that comes with Ubuntu 14.04, just like Empathy does.

Pidgin already shows up in the "envelop" icon in the menu bar, but I still need to configure my accounts in Pidgin, I want to use the ones that I already configured in "Online Accounts".

  • Online accounts are mostly for gnome core apps, doubt you can do that.
    – xangua
    Apr 21 '14 at 23:59

Currently there is no way to do so without or with plug-ins. Pidgin doesn't communicate with any external configuration and authentication data providers and uses its own database only.


For Pidgin to look up your account details externally, Pidgin has to be developed for it. It's possible that you could do that with a plugin, but I don't know if such a plugin exists.

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