I created an account for a standard user and assign a password. I login as standard user and try to change standard user password and realize that it needs admin user rights to change user password.

I just wanted to know is it possible to create a standard user and let standard user to change his or her password by himself or herself?

Your information and help is great appreciated,



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    Which command are you using? Just passwd should work. Apr 21, 2014 at 21:35
  • @LouisMatthijssen: yes, passwd should work fine, but I think the OP is looking for a graphical way, which I think is presently not possible.
    – jobin
    Apr 21, 2014 at 21:40

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As the standard user, open a terminal using Ctrl+Alt+t and then type the following:


And then enter your current password and then type your new passwords consisting of at least the following:

  • 1 special character

  • 1 digital character

  • 1 alphabetic character

It is not possible to save a password without these criteria met, you'll need super user privileges to assign a simple password to a user.

I am not sure whether there is a graphical way of doing this, will update my answer if I find a simpler, graphical way.

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