I have downloaded and launched an instance of this image in OpenStack


But I don't know the password of this. Can anyone tell me?

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There is no default username/password for the ubuntu cloud image. Need to configure it using below cmd, before creating instance from the image.

virt-customize -a bionic-server-cloudimg-amd64.img --root-password password:<pass>

Need to install below pkg to get virt-customize cmd.

sudo apt install libguestfs-tools
  • The library and tools seem to have split, for me the package was guestfs-tools
    – Wereii
    Oct 2 at 23:27

From OpenStack import or create a key pair and when you launch the instance select the keypair to add. You will be able to "ssh -i your-priv-key ubuntu@your_machine_ip"

PS don't forget to set a security group for the instance to allow ssh connections

Reference: https://docs.openstack.org/horizon/latest/user/configure-access-and-security-for-instances.html


I believe there is no default password, here is how you can set it: How to set a password for Ubuntu Cloud Images (ie. NOT use ssh)

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