I installed teamviewer 9 but when I try to launch it from terminal by typing teamviewer I get the following

/opt/teamviewer9/tv_bin/script/tvw_main: line 42: /home/cheng/.config/teamviewer9/logfiles/startup.log: Permission denied

Error: Init failed. Please check '/home/cheng/.config/teamviewer9/logfiles/startup.log'

The log file only contains the the following:

TeamViewer:        9.0.27891 - DEB
Profile:           /home/cheng (root)
Desktop:           DS: ''   XDG: ''
XServer TTY:       7

DistArch:          x86_64   ( Loader:   [X] ld32    [X] ld64 )
      Distributor ID:   Ubuntu
      Description:  Ubuntu 13.10
      Release:  13.10
      Codename: saucy
ok (info)

ok (profile)

How can I fix this? I can launch it with the command "sudo teamviewer" but I want it to be able to launch automatically when the computer starts.


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  • sudo gedit /etc/rc.local
  • Put teamviewer before exit 0

/etc/rc.local is executed as root at Ubuntu Start-up

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