I have an old 1st Gen Kindle Fire that I do not use often anymore. I shattered the screen a year or so ago, and it was too expensive to fix at the time. Parts are cheaper now so I ordered off Amazon and plan to replace the glass.

The OS on those, though... it sucks. I really don't like any aspect of it, and want to just wipe it out. Can I somehow format the disk and install something like Ubuntu Touch? I've looked around, but everything I find ends up being a lot of clicks through different forum posts to get all the necessary steps.

I'm rather new to Linux and just installed Ubuntu on my laptop about a month ago. I'm still learning my way around a bit. But it would make this otherwise useless tablet 100,000x better to have a decent OS that will actually give me some functionality.

Has anyone done this before? Will the hardware support it?


At this moment, there are no stable versions of Ubuntu Touch for the Kindle Fire 1st generation. But there is an unstable preview of it by Hashcode but I don't see if it's going to be updated soon because he is making a new rom called OtterX:

There are apps to download Linux on the tablet with Android still installed:

Also, you should try the Kitkang roms by Euroskank:

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    Also, try gederom. It's ICS-based but still a pretty good rom – VVMC23 Aug 1 '14 at 17:49
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    So I'm coming back to this a year later, thought I might give a slight update. I ended up getting CyanogenMod on the Fire pretty easily. I honestly don't use it as much as I thought I would, and have mainly gone back to using the original OS and just using it as an e-reader only. But since no one has the unlock codes needed from Verizon to root Lollipop on my M8 yet, I think I may tool around with the Kindle a bit more soon. Looks like Hashcode has been abandoned in the last year, so I'll have to find some other cool projects for it. I'll report back. – Nicomachus Jun 1 '15 at 23:03
  • // , Heheh. Euroskank. Heheh. Also, if you like Hacking, Verizon is prooooobably not the optimal provider. – Nathan Basanese Jun 14 '15 at 3:46
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    // , Where did you find CyanogenMod to run on this? What version? What Kindle Fire model #? – Nathan Basanese Jun 14 '15 at 3:47

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