I have just installed Trusty and have rebooted a couple times. However this time I have been greeted by this strange dialog when I logged in.

enter image description here

I have no idea what kind of credentials it asked and which app shows this dialog. I clicked the Cancel button but it keeps popping up.

Does anyone know what dialog is it? How to figure out which process it belongs to?

Edit: I figured out that this dialog came from signon-ui. So, I think it asked my Ubuntu SSO credentials. However, after I put my Ubuntu credentials into it, it keeps showing up.


I have also found a fix for this. In my case, it was also a Yahoo account in Online Accounts which was the culprit.

Symptoms of a faulty Yahoo account in Online Accounts manifest as the following: When you go to System Settings > Online Accounts, click on your Yahoo Account in left column, then click on "Edit Options", there will be NO information displayed - window will be blank instead of the expected username & password fields.

To fix a faulty Yahoo account in Online Accounts you need to delete the account and re-add it: Go to System Settings > Online Accounts, click your Yahoo Account in left column, click "Remove Account", then click "+ Add account..." The username & password fields will display as expected and you can fill out your account info. Congratulations, the "Enter your credentials" popup is now gone when you reboot.

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After I read that signon-ui is a package related to Online Accounts, I removed all my accounts from Online Accounts. There were only two accounts, and both are Yahoo accounts. After that, those annoying dialogs dissapeared.

I stored those accounts in Online Accounts for Empathy. So I think I can't use Empathy.

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