I installed ubuntu 14.04 a few days ago and as i am a .net developer i tried the latest mono available for ubuntu that is 3.2.8 , and just after i installed mod-mono-server4 it crashed the apache server,and every time i restarted my apache server mod-mono-server4 would crash it that was a bug which i found reported below.


I fixed this bug on my own system and reported the fix on the bug page given above , now their is another problem , every time i restart my computer it gives me a System.Web.HttpException which i know is because of permissions on the web application root i set the proper permissions and restarted apache the problem was gone and again if now i restart my computer the problem comes again, what could be the reason what i am missing ?

This is not something that a production environment will need as they do not restart their systems, but i just wanted to know what is wrong with it , and as it seems i am not alone facing this problem the ubuntu's own web site is facing this too go to the following page and see the same exception at the right side


they will need to restart their apache server but if anyone knows a better way to fix this, that will be great

  • update ubuntu.com/tv websites's exception is gone now, i think they have fixed the bug. But where is the patch? – shahid.pk Apr 20 '14 at 21:59

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