I'm trying to figure out how to enable mouse acceleration in Ubuntu 14.04.

I have an XPS 15 9530, which has a built-in touch-pad (which appears to be recognised, as seen in the screenshot below), but I also have a Microsoft Touch Arc mouse, which works, but doesn't have any acceleration, meaning it's very slow to use.

enter image description here

Is there some way I can enable acceleration?


I use below command for that purpose

xset m 50 1

Where m stands for setting the "mouse" and the first integer represents the "acceleration", and the second represents the "threshold".

The acceleration can be specified as an integer, or as a simple fraction, but the threshold is just an integer.

The pointer will go acceleration times as fast when the device travels more than threshold mickeys in 10 ms, including a small transition range.

For more information, you can refer to the xset manual.

  • Thank you. I found 50 to be a bit too high, but somewhere between 3 and 5 works for me :) – Daniel Hollands Apr 19 '14 at 18:24

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