I use Kubuntu 14 on HP Envy. I'm trying to install software (software: MPLAB® X IDE v2.05 and MPLAB® XC32 Compiler v1.31) from .run files

this fails.

The .run files have executable flags set:


I tried:

sudo ./MPLABX.run*
sudo -i ... ./MPLABX.run*

Every time the same result: nothing, the terminal just shows the folder name.

I also wanted to install Skype by using the Dynamic version. In skypes README is Written:"a path for Skype to exist in. We recommend copying the skype binary to /usr/bin and installing sounds/, lang/ and avatars/ into the /usr/share/skype directory."[Skype README]

I did that tried to open in Konsole the answer was:

bash: /usr/bin/skype: No such file or directory

but thats not true the file exists and is executable. I tried also sudo.

What can I do do?

I have to register thos progs which should be executable?

Thanks for answers!!


To run the program, try typing:

sudo sh MPLABX.run

the difference between ./ and sh is explained here.

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