I upgraded to 14.04 just today and since I'm now using kernel v3.13 and according to This link, I should now be having power management enabled by default

How can I confirm that ?

My machine: Dell Inspiron SE 7520

My GPU (Discrete\Independent graphics card): AMD Radeon HD 7730m

My APU (Graphics card integrated into the processor): Intel® Ivybridge Mobile

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    Done. Thanks for the suggestion. I suppose I may get better support this way. – Muhammad Gelbana Apr 18 '14 at 18:59

If using the open source drivers, the fact that power management (dpm) is enabled should be reflected by the existence of a file named


(or the same with card0 or other number, whichever is your AMD card). I have more links and insights in my answer about AMD hybrid system overheating.

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