Beagle was my favorite. But it is not maintained anymore, afaik. And it does not work reasonably; it stops working spontaneously and does not return any result. How can I correct this problem and if it is not possible what alternatives are available? Thank you.


One tool I can recommend is tracker. If you install the software, it is started automatically when you log in. It updates its index as a background process. If you want to search some item, there are different possibilities:

  1. Nautilus: Press Ctrl+f. A windows opens where you can enter your search term.
  2. GNOME applet: The deskbar applet allows you to enter a search term and shows a listing of found things.
  3. Catfish: is a application which can talk with different search programs.
  4. Console: enter tracker search foobar and tracker will start its search. Type tracker for a full list of available commands.

I use recoll. It's very nice.

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    Recoll even has a unity lens for Ubuntu 11.10. Try this PPA
    – Jakob
    Mar 26 '12 at 11:41
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    Customizable searches from command line. The backend of recoll is Xapian, the same engine used for website search apps like SOLR
    – hobs
    Aug 12 '12 at 20:37

Have you considered using Tracker? It appears to be the replacement of Beagle in the Ubuntu Desktop and has been integrated with most applications in Ubuntu. sudo apt-get install tracker tracker-search-tool


In command-line [s]locate works like a charm.
s for secure

updatedbupdatedb update the database where file name are stored.

If you use locate like

locate foo

it will list files and path containing foo.

Usually, updatedb is executed via a cron job once a day but you can execute it to update the database as needed.

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