I am trying to mount a nfs folder over network from NFS Server to NFS Client.

My NFS Server configuration looks like this


I have installed all required packages ( nfs-kernel-server nfs-common) on my server.

I have also restarted the server using the option:

service nfs-kernel-server restart

At client end, I check the folder list that I can mount using

showmount -e
Export list for

But when I try mounting the host folder, I get the following error:

mount -t nfs -v mount/
mount.nfs: timeout set for Fri Apr 18 17:34:44 2014
mount.nfs: trying text-based options 'vers=4,addr=,clientaddr='
mount.nfs: mount(2): Invalid argument
mount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified

This is my dmesg output:

dmesg | tail
[24930.733208] NFS: bad mount option value specified: vers=4

I was getting the incorrect mount option error after I upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04. What worked for me was to specify the nfsvers option:

mount -t nfs -o nfsvers=3 machine:/ /mountdir

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