I have used Gigolo to create a bookmark/mount for a drive that I named engineering. How would I be able to access this using the command line? When I click on anything under Computer I can find a path that I can use in the terminal. However there is no path when I click on engineering. I have the ip address 193.etc user name and passwords but do not know how to access the files in the engineer drive from the terminal. If I am not using correct syntax, I am still new to the non windows world.

My Nautilus


drives do not exist in the file system by their label... you can access it in CLI like so

mount /dev/sdb /any/directory/you/want

cd /any/directory/you/want

that is assuming that the drive is in fact refered to as sdb and a directory called /any/directory/you/want already exists

some basic info on mounting


some google-ing would do you well


as for how a specific software handles mounting, you should read their documentation, which would most likely be found on their website

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