Just need to put the "router alert" option in a Ping Request.

Router Alert is 0x94040000 at the end of the IP header.

This is what I've tried (and a lot of other variations):

sudo nmap -sU -PE --ip-options "\x94\x04\x00\x00"

nmap man page says that "-PE" will send ICMP Echo Request, but all I see in the wireshark trace is TCP activity.

So in summary: I need to send a normal ICMP Echo Request with the Router Alert option in the IP header. So far, nmap has been a struggle. I'm open to other ideas -but according to nmap manuals and man-pages, this should have been easy.

Prefer not to build/compile any new ping commands nor change ubuntu kernel code.


nping had what I needed:

sudo nping -icmp -c 1 -icmp-type 8 --ip-options "\x94\x04\x00\x00" -dest-ip

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