I am typing the command

wget http://bookfi.org/dl/1029034/ad9e54

in bash and I don't get the file, instead i get an html page.

If I give the same link to freedownloadmanager, it does fetch the file.

Why is this behaviour?

Can curl fetch me the file?


The link you're using (http://bookfi.org/dl/1029034/ad9e54) isn't a direct link to the file. When I opened it in Firefox, it redirected me to the much longer http://dl.lux.bookfi.org/genesis/408000/7def946a9159159e60931e25e71f23eb/_as/%5BCommittee_on_Advanced_Engineering_Environments,_N(BookFi.org).pdf, which is what you have to feed into the wget command.

The reason it worked for freedownloadmanager was probably because it has a facility which lets it follow redirects. I don't know about curl; it'll depend on whether it follows redirects or not.

  • Then, is it possible to make a script that redirects? – shooting-squirrel Apr 16 '14 at 6:13
  • 1
    According to the wget man page,there is a --referer=*url* option, where *url* is the page you got the download link from. This is to be used for dynamic websites which expect people to be using web-browsers and don't work properly unless they know which page you came from. It seems to work for the link you gave in the question: wget "http://bookfi.org/dl/1029034/ad9e54" --referer="http://en.bookfi.org/book/1029034" – Hippo Apr 16 '14 at 7:01

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