I wanted to know what's a .desktop file and how can I generate one in order to have a Wine application displayed on my Launcher bar on the left. Now I have to open the folder where I store the executable and open it with Wine, and that's too slow.

I have done some research and I saw some questions related to this already answered (How does one create a custom application launcher for Wine installed apps?). They say we can generate it, but I don't understand how

Thank you very much in advance! I am a novice to Linux, and I am using 12.04.


The top answer in the page you linked to should contain enough information about how to do this.

A .desktop file is one of many files in /usr/share/applications containing the information about software applications which should be launchable in the desktop environment.

Note: this is for applications that will be made available to all users. Naturally, due to permissions, if you do this with a Wine application it simply won't work for other users.

To create such a file you can copy-paste from another file into a new file, also with the extension .desktop, and just change the relevant details.

Follow the precise instructions in that answer and it should work. If not, then come back and specify what you tried and what happened (in a new question).

  • Thank you, I just posed a new question where I explain that I don't understand the answer that was given to the previous question similar to mine – antortjim Apr 16 '14 at 15:22

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