I primarily use the terminal for file management and day-to-day tasks on my computer. There is one feature that I miss consistently and that is a copy/cut and paste for files (not clipboard text).

More specifically say I'm organizing files and I need to copy several files to different locations on the drive, I would do something like cp /path/to/first/file /path/to/where/it/goes, when dealing with lots of files with long file-names it is a little bulky. Its annoying especially if you aren't sure where the file is supposed to go (i.e. which specific subfolder)

I was wondering if there is a utility similar to the copy/paste paradigm in most graphic file managers. I.e. you do something like copy file, navigate to the the directory you want and do paste file. Rather than explicitly writing out the copy-to path as with cp above.

I already have a rudimentary script that I wrote doing this, but I was wondering if there is an "official" or a fully-featured command line utility for this.

  • I guess a command line file manager like midnight commander (mc) is out of question? – htorque May 24 '11 at 5:35

This bash alias from WebUpD8 might be exactly what you are looking for?

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