Is there a way to install a package via a simple URL without having to add a PPA beforehand? Something like apt-get https://url.to.package.deb? Or perhaps some command line options that would add the PPA, update, and install the package all at once? Seems like I've seen other package managers that do this. I just find it a hassle to type the commands to add a whole repository just so I can install only one of its packages.


If you already know the .deb file link, then download that deb file by,

wget https://url.to.package.deb

If you want to download a package then run,

apt-get download <package-name>

It will download all the .deb files related to the package.Finally install all the .deb files by running,

sudo dpkg -i filename.deb

If I understand your question correctly, Not really. By using something like

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:<goalppa/ppa>

you are telling your system that you want the (file/program/code) you download from this ppa to be supported from this location and get updates from there.

Its a security question for sure, allowing new ppa's that is. But the security concerns for just getting the (file/program/code) may be greater in the long run if it develops a security problem down the line. Also easier to get super delicious updates (Mmmmmm updates).

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