I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and I installed DOSBOX using apt-get install doxboxcommand and configured TC in DOSBOX properly. Everything is working fine, but when we it goes to full screen mode of DOSBOX then it changes the resolution of the screen and it may happen, that DOXBOX is closed unexpectedly, because I can't see its process on the launcher after going to full screen mode.

After trying 2-3 times DOSBOX is going to FULL SCREEN mode properly, but on exiting same problem is remaining.

My Desktop before opening DOSBOX My Desktop on exit the DOSBOX

I am using Alt+Enter to switch the full Screen mode in DOSBOX


You can edit and then adjust the screen resolution for DosBox window in:


Please see Line 27 windowresolution=value - simple change the value as suggested from 320x240 to whatever you want, then save the .conf-file. (Please make a backup copy of the original .conf, before changing anything, just in case!!)

See list of possible value options available:

  • Use fullscreen=true for full screen
  • Use fullscreen=false for DOSBox in a window
  • Change fullresolution=original to fullresolution=desktop
  • When using a window, change windowresolution=original to windowresolution=1280x1024 (or use 1024x768 for a smaller window)
  • Change output=surface to output=openglnb (uses graphics hardware and maintains crisp image with scaling).
  • You might try output=ddraw, which in some cases has a lower CPU load. Scroll down to the [render] section
  • Change aspect=false to aspect=true (maintains 4:3 aspect ratio, otherwise keep on false if you like the aspect ratio of your screen, mostly 16:9 or 16:10 nowadays)
  • Save the configuration file with Ctrl+s (or File - Save) (Re)start DOSBox.


For more detail please refer to: dosboxWiki | dosboxScreen-resolution | Manual Instructions


After using Alt+Enter, the only way to restore your initial resolution is to open the Displays properties (Open first System Settings).

After closing Dosbox, my display resolution was 1152x864, I just had to select 1920x1200 to recover my initial resolution.

Depending on how Dosbox lower your resolution, you could open the Displays settings before starting Dosbox.

enter image description here

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