I've been trying to play a Ragnarok Online private server with wine but this specifically server gets stuck in a faded login screen, with sound.

So I installed CrossOver and it runs nice! But I need to run optirun in order to use my nvidia geforce 630M instead of intel ivybridge but I just can't find how to insert this command on CrossOver applications.


Ubuntu 12.04, CrossOver 13.1, LimitRO (limit-ro.net)

  • "I just can't find how to insert "this" command". Which command? – Registered User Apr 11 '14 at 5:23
  • @PatilAditya "optirun" Without CrossOver it would be like: optirun wine Launcher.exe -c :8 – gugiserman Apr 12 '14 at 16:23

I know its late, but since this question comes up on google, I will explain how I can use my Geforce GT 635M with crossover:

1) Find out how the windows program is launched; check /home//desktop/Some App.desktop for the Exec Line

2a) prepend primusrun (or optirun)


2b) the Exec line tells to execute a script somewhere in .cxoffice/.../.lnk; edit that script and prepend primusrun (or optirun) to the command in the script

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