Since a couple of days or so my laptop (asus n76vm) does a hard shut-down when the battery indicates 20% life left. It just cuts off the power, no shut-down screen or anything, making the hard drive do that nasty 'scratchy' sound.

What should I do now? It seems the battery is less powerfull than it was before (which makes sense) but the OS didn't keep track. How should I go about re-calibrating the battery?


Have you tried power-calibrate ?

sudo apt install power-calibrate

then run

power-calibrate -r

You can read the manual or run man power-calibrate for more information.

  • I had to run the command with sudo, like sudo power-calibrate -p. "-r" argument needs seconds value as well. Maybe the command has changed. I'm on Debian Buster. – Sufian Sep 12 at 6:36

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