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I deleted the Ubuntu partitions from window seven then I restarted the machine but it wont start up but I cant get back to windows seven.Instead I get a no partition grub rescue> error.I cant even get to the bios options because when I immediately switch on the computer I get the error window.I can't do anything.I deleted the partition because I wanted to uninstall it from the dual boot the install it in a virtual box inside windows.The problem is that when I switch on my Toshiba satellite laptop I immediately get the error that there is no such partition grub error.I can't do anything but just look at the no such partition grub rescue on the black screen.

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When you deleted your Ubuntu partition it corrupted the boot-loader (Grub). If you are going to go back to a strictly Windows environment then you need to repair the MBR (Master Boot Record) MBR and Grub perform the same function in that they look for a OS. Here is a guide on repairing a MBR http://www.tomshardware.com/news/win7-windows-7-mbr,10036.html Why may I ask did you delete the partition?

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