Before we used to be able to customize the gnome panel clock to two line style. How could we do the same for indicator-datetime?

I understand there's dconf-editor from dconf-tools. And by going to com.canonical.datetime it almost looks like the gconf-editor thing.

But entering

<sup><span rise="3000" font_desc="ubuntu 7.5" color="#DFD8C8" weight="normal">%a %d %b</span></sup>%n<sub><span font_desc="ubuntu 7.5" color="#DFD8C8" weight="bold">%I:%M %p</span></sub>

like before did not change a thing.

Also, just by changing clock by removing the date leaves huge empty spaces around the time, instead of creating more space. It look horrible... how can i fix it?

EDIT: the extra spacing will only be fixed after log out. Maybe it will work by killing gnome-panel, but i didn't try that.


You need to change the time-format key to custom. Have a look at this answer: How to change the date format?

When done, your time string seems to work fine.

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