In byobu, I am able to enter scrollback mode with F7. However, I am not able to exit by pressing ESC as documented. Nothing happens when I press ESC. In contrast, when I am in screen, I am able to enter scroll back and exit by pressing ESC. (Oddly, I also can't access scrollback by hitting alt-pgup. Maybe a terminal emulator issue?)

  • The reason why I fell into that mode was because I wanted to create a directory under ranger with the function key, moreover it everytime creates a new window when I want to save my file in vim because I map F2 to save the file in vim. Byobu is somewhat "annoying" in that regard it precedes over all other applications for function keys. I don't want to remove byobu, it has an excellent name and a very colorful status bar, but I think at least it shouldn't take over all function keys which have uses elsewhere esp. in the context of most popular applications. – user359096 Jan 15 '17 at 12:15

I was able to exit scrollback by pressing ctrl+c or Enter.


Pressing q aborts the mode as well.

Discovered it via tmux man page, but it also works for session backed by screen.

  • works for tmux to (reported, confirmed) – user359096 Jan 15 '17 at 12:11

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