I cannot ssh to my ubuntu laptop by host name from other linux machines on the network. My ubuntu laptop is a member of the corporate domain and can see all the other network computers. I can putty to it from windows computers by name but when I try to ssh to it by name from another linux machine I get the error:

ssh: Could not resolve hostname SOMETHING: Name or service not known

How do I make it discoverable to linux machines on the network?

I've tried changing the smb.conf file to include netbios name = SOMETHING, and I've tried changing the dns proxy = DNS ADDRESS followed by a restart of the samba server, but neither or both yielded any results. I'm running Ubuntu 13.10.

Thanks, Cole


If you're running some kind of shared folder system like samba, the machine is discoverable using the local domain, try something like:

ssh nameofthemachine.local

If not, you'll need to setup some DNS local server either in the network or in the ssh server itself to translate domain names into IP's.

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